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Monday, January 22, 2018

So what's been up with me? I know It's been a while since I've blogged. It's already been 2 years and a few months. I know my channel is about positivity with some comedy but we sometimes have to be honest with ourselves and be real of certain situations. So the past two years was the last time I had a real job. After that I just kept hunting until I temporarily signed up to drive for Uber. That's also a behind the scene story on why I did that video, "I'm So Tired But I Gotta Do Uber" on my channel. Anyway, in between that I've also dated a few people who obviously didn't work out and one that I'm also not proud of. It's been a dark few years for me which prevented me to create more content for you guys, the ones who care about watching my stuff. :) Everyone deals with things their very own way and I know we're not always alone in time of our lowest points in life. Wow, I didn't even expect to write this blog but something in me just wanted to spill something so here it goes. I've also had freelance jobs in between and that always didn't cut the bills if you know what I mean. The past September, I was offered a job from a close friend whose brother, owns the company. I was truly blessed to have been part of that company for a short while but I was honest enough to say that I couldn't handle management and that I'm more for the arts and being told what to create. So I had left early this January.

Then recently, YouTube had emailed me that I will no longer be a part of the partner program effective on February 20. The reason was I didn't have 4,000 hours of view time on top of having 1,000 subscribers. This action had taken place also due to a controversy from a YouTuber named Logan Paul who posted a dead body on video while he was in Japan. That also contributed and affected a lot of content creators after that. Since I've been gone for long the platform has changed as well as new YouTubers who are destructive, uninspiring, bashing each other, etc. Of course, this doesn't go for everyone but I just missed the old days where people collaborated and helped each other gain viewers and subs. And it wasn't even about the money for most people. It was just about having a great time and spreading positivity. Anyway, finally a new video is up on my channel! A parody of Bruno Mars' "That's What I Like." I'll be producing more content this year. At least really pushing myself to do so. :)

Here's the video:

I'll be sure to keep up with my blog also when I get the chance. Thank you for reading and thank you for watching!


Saturday, November 14, 2015

My heart humbly goes out to the victims and families over the terrorism at Paris recently. These are the times where we should be thinking about people and be giving as much as we can. Not only that country was terrorized but everywhere else around the world. My prayers go out to the world and the ones suffering these tragic events. I mourn for them, I pray for them. At these moments, I think about how selfish people can be especially now. We don't care about your selfies, or what food you eat. We should really quiet ourselves, reflect and pray for others in need if we can't be there. At this moment, not sure what else to say but set a personal vigil and just pray for others since that's all we can do for now. My heart and prayers go out to Paris and the world.


Friday, September 18, 2015

Hello guys,

It’s about 2:24 a.m. and here I am writing on my blog once again. I know it has been a while as always since I had a regular 9-5 job. But at this point I’m actually awake writing ideas for new videos. Everything is finally coming to place after so long. I finally have time to focus. The past couple of weeks I’ve been gathering ideas in my head and waiting for that spark. On my notepad, I currently wrote forthcoming videos with working titles and just drafted little notes on what the possible outcome or storyline would be.

The first video produced after a while is the YouTube channel introduction where I briefly talk about what my channel is all about. YouTube always had that feature before on the front page where you can display a default video which I thought was pretty smart so you can brief your audience on what type of content you produce. It’s a great way to let your audience know what you’re all about.

Here's my current channel intro video:

Anyway, new stuff should be coming soon. Thank you for always tuning in for those who watch. :) Truly appreciate your support and love! More videos to come soon!


Sunday, November 9, 2014

Hello guys!

On rare occasions, I like to do horror movie parodies for xCreativexSoulx. I've seen the original film Oculus and wasn't pleased with the turnout. I guess I expected a lot from the movie, especially a horror movie since it's one of my favorite genres of film. It's funny that movies only show the best part during the previews or trailers. I wanted to do my take on this, because I had the resources to make this mini-movie. I have the mirror from a garage sale, my tripods and cameras, computers, and liquid latex for creating the creature from the mirror, so I knew it wouldn't be too difficult. In total, I filmed this video for three weekends.

I had fun playing with the make-up for this look since I have liquid latex available to create the textured skin. I also used this same liquid latex for my "Zombie Vlog." The possibilities to create all sorts of creatures, injuries, and many other types of characters are endless. The glowing eyes were already done in post-production with After Effects, a powerful tool in creating motion graphics and other effects. Really love that amazing program!

The shrouded mirror gives you that uncomfortable, eerie feeling. So I took this photo to make the viewers feel what I was feeling. I tinted the photo below in black and white for this effect.

Check out the Behind The Video below:

Thanks for reading/viewing guys!


Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Hi everyone,

I know I haven't really been updating this blog much due to what's been going on in my life. I have a new job so that's currently taking my time at the moment. I really love what I do, I get to explore more creativity and challenge myself. :) Since I haven't been doing videos much at this point, I wanted to share with you guys my Instagram! :D Come follow me and I'll be sure to check out out also! This is probably the fastest way to express myself creatively at this point although sometimes, I can't always snap photos. Hehe.. I began editing a few "behind the videos" from my previous work on YouTube so you may see all that soon on my ItsCreativeSoul channel. I'm just putting them out on a timely schedule so there's a space in between.

Anyway, I present to you guys, my Instagram account CreativitynStyle :D I had this account for a while and wasn't sure why I haven't shared this yet. This username is also used for my Fashion/Style blog which I haven't been using lately also due to my new position. But I miss creating art so I try to when I can just get myself back up again and of course, to share to everyone.

Anyway, here are some of my work on Instagram:

I have missed you guys! So I'm hoping to get back again in doing videos and other forms of creativity. Lots of love to you all! You'll hear more from me. :)

-Kits (xCreativexSoulx)

Monday, June 2, 2014

Hello everyone! Once again, I have been MIA in posting on my blog here on xcreativexsoulx. I was just doing a lot when I was working and the extra projects I would work on are just mainly photography and such for my blog on Tumblr "TheCreativeIntrovert." I began with fashion and style "CreativitynStyle" on Tumblr first but figured I wanted to post a variety of things concerning ART. Since I have so many interests, I decided to create "TheCreativeIntrovert" to post a lot more broad items with my LOVE for art. :) Anyway, to get on track, I'm very excited because I finally got a new cool stuff! First is my new iMac. I was currently using my Macbook Pro 15" for videos but decided to go bigger since I am also now doing more effects on After Effects.

 With that, I'm going to need higher power to produce these videos for you guys. :) I'm just thankful and blessed that the timing was perfect. Then sometime last week, I purchased my very first green screen. I have tested it a few times and I'm very pleased on the outcome.

My very first big project using that screen will be the parody of Dark Horse from Katy Perry. Hehe.. See, only you readers will know that that's what's happening next on one of the big CreativeSoul projects.  I wanted to write this blog first before I proceed with the rest since it was about time. :P My apologies for the delay for those who care. Hehe.. Anyway, I better get started with the new vid. Will definitely try to keep this blog going. Love you guys! Thanks for continuing watching "CreativeSoul" videos!

With sincerity,

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Hello everyone! Looks like "Geek Week" of YouTube already passed and yesterday was the last day. Since I've been trying to keep up with trends and such, thought I'd do my very own geek week video.

There are many different ways of being a "Geek." There are a variety of interests such as video games, tech, collectibles, t-shirts, cosplay, and so on.. For my specific interest, I like doing characters since it's fun to do a different persona. Thought I'd post these photos prior to the video. Just a few eye candy and fun stuff for the "Geeky" like myself. Hehe.. 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Hello everyone! I'm BACK! :D Welcome to my post on my video "Situations - The Smell." Haha! This video is actually base on people who actually don't take care of themselves. With that I mean by not having good hygiene. :P I'm pretty sure a lot of us would like to be out there and be presentable to family, friends, and new people. This makes you realize why some people don't think about this.

I've had this idea for a long while and it's finally nice to put it out there! What a way to begin in doing videos again. Hehe. It all begins with a "Situation" episode.

I made a little department store set during this shoot. Haha! I think this was my only main set feature for this video since the grey wall is just a plain set up for little scenes. It was actually fun putting together. The poster was from my Bazaar or Vogue magazine from the U.K. Since my friend Holly went to England recently, she gladly brought me those magazines since I have a separate blog for style and the arts. :) Anyway, I placed that pedestal to hold my sweaters since my existing table was too short to support them. I wanted to add a little bit of height so my camera can see it. I added scarves in the drawers as well. I just opened my closet to reveal hanging clothing since that's pretty close to what you would see at a department store. Haha!

If you haven't noticed at the very top, I recently purchased that blackboard and wrote "I'm Back!" with an anime of me. Hehe! Thought it was a nice comeback in doing online media. ;) Here is the Behind The Video:

Thanks for reading/viewing! :D

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Hey guys,

Just wanted to do a little update on what's going on with me. I recently entered the Insidious Chapter 2 Casting Call contest. Hehe.. So funny because I don't think I've ever entered a film contest until this happened and you can submit a YouTube video explaining why you love the movie so much or act a part in the film. Anyway, I'm just seeing how this will go. If it doesn't happen for me, I'm hoping it will open doors for me at least. ^_^ The way I should really see this is if God allows it to happen, it will happen. ;) I would like to share the video entry with you guys but I am also saving it for my future Paro-Film of Insidious. Some of you already know I also like to make mini parody movies of films I love. Hehe.. The movie Insidious really scared the crap out of me! I haven't seen a really good haunted house type of film until that came out.

Here's a little vlog from my ItsCreativeSoul channel. I am trying to be more consistent on that other channel too. Whew, really pays off to make time for things.

Anyway, just like what I've mentioned on the video, I will also be creating more videos soon for xCreativexSoulx channel. So tune in guys! :) Once, the Paro-Film for Insidious gets released, I will also share photos of the actual exterior house of the Haunted House used in the film Insidious. Thanks for reading/viewing.


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Haha! How cool would it be to own a monster chair like this? It's called the Moyee Monster Chair. This incredible design was made by Jason Goh, inspired by a little story his Grandma made up if he didn't eat and played with his food. This is supposed to be a gigantic fishball! If you didn't eat it, it will consume you. Haha! I would love to have something like this in my bedroom. Looks so cute!! It even has a red tongue sticking out. Although not for sale, it's actually exhibiting right now at the National Museum of Singapore until January 27th. 

I had found this story on the DailyMail and got the resource thru this website:

Anyway guys, more videos soon! ;)


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